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“A ship is always safe at the shore, but that's not what it's built for” -Albert Einstein

Hi! I am Faraz Faruqi, a Computer Science Enthusiast. I am an incoming senior at Manipal Institute of Technology. Like a soul in tension that's learning to fly, I am trying to find my own place in this rich field of computer science. I love learning about new technological innovations, and talking to people associated with computer science and engineering. I love to experiment with new things and concepts, and collaborate with people doing such cutting-edge research. To keep myself invigorated and functional, I love to play soccer, hike, and play the piano.


Digit Recognition using Multi-Layered Perceptron

July 2017
MIT Manipal

International Conference on Applied Science and Engineering 2017

Faruqi, F., SN, Muralikrishna., (2017) “Handwritten Digit Recognition using Multi-Layered Perceptron” Manipal Journal of Science and Technology.

“Is This A Joke?”: A Large Humor Classification Dataset

July 2018
IIIT Hyderabad

International Conference on Natural Language Processing (ICON),2018

Faruqi, F., Shrivastava M.

Training, Internship & Certification

Visiting Student at Human-Computer Interaction Engineering Group

Jan 2019- Present
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT

Constraint-Based Slicing in 3D Printing

Research Assistant at Language Technologies Institute

June - August 2018
School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University

Sensing Curiosity in Play and Responding

Research Assistant at Language Translation Research Center

June - July 2017
IIIT Hyderabad

Deep Learning in Natural Language Processing

Semantic Analysis on Humor in English Language

IIIT-H Advanced Summer School on Natural Language Processing

May - June 2017
Text Denormalization / Code-Mixing

Generating Code Mixed data from raw monolingual parallel corpora using Linguistic Techniques


Sensing Curiosity in Play and Responding
Mentor Name: Dr. Justine Cassell, Carnegie Mellon University

  • CA virtual child that models and scaffolds exploratory and collaborative hands-on learning by taking part in the role-playing game.

  • Performed extensive research study on problems in Multi-Party child interaction, created a model to extract optimal signal from multiple sources, suppressing cross-talk and performed child specific ASR using Google API.

  • Created a Natural Language Understanding model to convert unstructured speech to structured knowledge representation for Behavior understanding and Natural Language Generation.

  • Created a Restricted Wizard-Of-Oz system on Java Eclipse using Swing to analyze real-time experimentation results on metrics like efficiency and accuracy.

Skills Used: Python, Jupyter, SKlearn, Keras, Deep Learning Algorithms, Machine Learning Algorithms.

Semantic Analysis of Humor in English Language.
Mentor Name: Dr. Manish Shrivastava, IIIT Hyderabad.

  • Created a Dataset of 800,000 humor and non-humor sentences extracted from social website (Reddit, Twitter) and humor websites.

  • Features used for classification include GloVe Vectors, and Linguistic features.

  • Using Deep Learning Models like LSTMs and Attention Models for classification.

Skills Used: Python, Jupyter, SKlearn, Keras, Deep Learning Algorithms, Machine Learning Algorithms.

Text Denormalization of Monolingual Text (Code Mixing)
Mentor Name: Dr. Manish Shrivastava, IIIT Hyderabad.

  • Generated a code mixed text from a parallel corpora of English and Hindi

  • Used linguistic techniques like Stemming, Parsing, Parts of Speech to extract and the replace the less common words by their counterparts.

Skills Used: Python, Jupyter, SKlearn, NLTK, Machine Learning Algorithms

Handwritten Digit Recognition
Mentor Name: Mr. Murlikrishna S.N., MIT Manipal

  • Research paper published in ICASET 2017.

  • Worked with the MNIST dataset to create a Digit Recognizer that does not heavy computational power to be implemented. Thus, can be a sub-module of more sophisticated systems.

  • Used the intrinsic property of digits that they lie in a small subspace and reduce complexity.

  • Achieved 98.6% Accuracy.

Skills Used: Python, OpenCV, SKlearn, Machine Learning Algorithms

Cervical Cancer Detection in Cell Images (Research)
Mentor Name: Mrs. P.B Shanthi,MIT Manipal

  • Created a dataset of Cancer Images of 5 classes - Normal, Mild, Moderate, Severe and Carcinoma

  • Applied various Image Enhancement Techniques like - Canny-Edge, Sobel, FNDP, Fuzzy Normalization etc.

  • Classifiers used - Support Vector Machines and MLP Classifiers.

  • Working on Classifying images using Convolutional Neural Networks.

Skills Used: Python, OpenCV, Machine Learning Algorithms

DBS Project
Mentor Name: Mrs. Sucharita Shetty, MIT Manipal

  • Created a web based portal for a College Fest.

  • Pages for Registration, Deletion, Winner Declaration and Participating Clubs were made.

  • Database was created using SQL.

Skills Used: SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

Bank of Manipal

  • Part of a summer internship in Cloud Fundamentals at Augmented Learnings

  • Headed a team of 4 to create a website named 'Bank of Manipal' using .NET Framework and Visual Studio.

  • Used AWS EC2 to store and host the website.

Skills Used: Visual Studio, HTML,CSS, C#, JQuery, ADO.NET

Website of TechVista
  • Part of a 4 member lead team that organized a Tech-Fest at our school in 2012.

  • Together built the fully functional dynamic website for the 2-day event.

  • We also spearheaded the organization of the state-wide tech fest.

Skills Used: HTML,CSS, JQuery

  • Made a program that used a Trie data structure to store a dictionary.

  • The algorithm gave a constant time complexity, i.e., stores and retrieves values in almost constant time,independent of the number of words stored.

Skills Used: C Programming Language, Data Structures


2014 - 2016
Online Courses

MITx Certificate

Machine Learning Course by Andrew Ng


Skills & Proficiency

In Terms of Time Devoted


C C++



HTML5 & CSS & Markdown


Ubuntu 16.04

SQL Server & Oracle Express




Extra Curriculars

  • Facilitator of Google 'Applied CS with Android' course at MIT, Manipal.

  • Core Committee member at ACM Manipal.

  • Won bronze medal at state level swimming competition.

  • Member of School football team.

  • Participated in Model United Nations in School.

  • Published Essays in Weekly Newspapers and School Yearbooks.

  • Play piano and gave solo performances in school and college

  • Learnt German Language as an Open Elective

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